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The STAIY campaign | Photo source Alex Pflach for Staiy

An online fashion platform for truly sustainable brands

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A new online platform has a rigorous process that brands must go through in order to be featured on the site

Spotted: Four young Italian entrepreneurs, based in Berlin, are on a mission to minimise the environmental footprint of fashion production by means of their online fashion platform STAIY. It offers sustainable clothing alternatives by connecting people to eco-friendly brands. The site tries to appeal to every kind of consumer, as the team have curated diverse collections with everything from a €400 woollen coat to a €12 organic cotton t-shirt.

STAIY takes a very thorough approach to advocate sustainability and has a rigorous process that brands must go through in order to be featured on the site. They must answer 61 questions based around the global Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, which relate to STAIY’s five founding pillars: “Water, Air, Materials, Work Conditions and Giving Back to the Community.” Certificates such as Global Organic Textile Standard and Fair Wear Foundation, which help identify a brand’s commitment to sustainability, are also analysed in-depth by the team’s sustainability officer.

The STAIY team has also introduced a personalised Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept that tailors each shopping experience to individual customers. This algorithm determines the customer’s taste as they browse the site, pointing out items that they might like based on a series of questions that they answer when they sign up. STAIY also has an incentive program, giving customers donation points that can subsequently be used to donate to the non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted.

STAIY launched on 25 November 2019, claiming to be the first online platform to only offer eco-friendly brands.




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