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Unspun offers sustainable, bespoke jeans in the aim of reducing waste in the fashion industry | Photo source Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Company uses AI and 3D scanning to create sustainable jeans

Fashion & Beauty

Unspun is using digital technology to create low-waste, bespoke fashion

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Spotted: US-based startup, Unspun, aims to reduce waste in the fashion industry by offering consumers sustainable, bespoke jeans. The company uses a combination of robotics and old-fashioned sewing machines to produce sustainable clothing.

Unspun believes its model of 3D scanning and personalised tailoring offers customers a unique way to reduce fashion waste. The company, based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, uses a 3D infrared scanner to measure clients for their jeans. 

The scan, taken by Fit3D scanners, takes 20 seconds and collects 100,000 data points. That data is then used to tailor jeans based on the customer’s exact measurements, reducing waste. The fabric used to make the jeans are low impact, and the company reduces the jeans’ carbon footprint further, by partnering with local sewing firms

Unspun aims to reduce global carbon emissions by at least 1%, by using automated, localised, and intentional manufacturing. It is also developing a 3D-weaving machine to further eliminate fabric waste during the production process.




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