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Biodegradable coffee pods from PulPac | Photo source PulPac

New production method to replace single-use plastic

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The technology can be used to make everything from coffee pods, to salad bowls and hangars

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Spotted: PulPac claims to have developed the world’s first production method for replacing all types of single-use plastic containers. Not only are the products cheaper than their single-use plastic counterparts, but they are also both biodegradable and compostable.

The system dry-moulds cellulose pulp into almost any shape in less than a second. Packages intended to hold dry goods can be made of cellulose-only, which will dissolve in water in minutes. For containers that hold liquids, the cellulose can be modified to break down more slowly.

The method created by PulPac is a spin on wet-forming, where the pulp is placed in an isostatic high-pressure press. This forms the pulp into shape and turns it rock-hard instantly. The process makes it possible to mould cellulose at the same speed and low cost as methods used for plastic.

According to PulPac, their method uses no water, in contrast with traditional moulding methods, which are often water-intensive. PulPac uses renewable wood fibres for its raw material, which is also lower-cost than the raw material used to make plastic or aluminium packaging.

The technology can be used to make everything from coffee pods to salad bowls and hangars.

PulPac CEO Linus Larsson emphasizes that the low cost of PulPac will make it more appealing to many companies, saying “Sustainability has always been expensive, and to make change happen, you need to make it cheap.”



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