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walkingboxes are based on freight containers and are made primarily of recyclable and biodegradable materials | Photo source Daniel Lorch

Sustainable and stylish food truck concept

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Unlike traditional food trucks, 90 per cent of the materials used to make "walkingboxes" are recyclable or biodegradable

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Spotted: Food trucks are an enduring trend around the world, offering innovative and affordable gastronomy on the go. Until now, however, little thought has been given to the sustainability and design of the trucks themselves. German product designer Daniel Lorch has decided to change this with a new, sustainable and stylish food truck concept, named “walkingboxes”.

Lorch came up with the idea when his mother decided to open a food truck herself. After searching for a suitable vehicle, Lorch realised that the classic trucks on offer did not match the innovative personal styles and demands for sustainability from the people using them. Unlike traditional food trucks, 90 per cent of the materials used to make walkingboxes are recyclable or biodegradable. 

The concept consists of a standard freight container in three sizes, equipped with water and power and attached to a trailer. Purchasers can design and build out their own interior or have Lorch’s team do it for them – creating a bespoke kitchen. Customers can also choose from 243 exterior colours and a variety of exterior design options, including illuminated lettering and metal signs. These are attached with a unique, modular fastening system, to allow the signage to be easily swapped out. The use of lightweight construction methods saves up to 25 per cent in weight, and allows the trucks to be pulled by smaller vehicles. 

Lorch has described his “gastromobiles” as reflecting “a lifestyle that capitalises on creativity, quality and sustainability…the individual food trailers are not only practical, but also stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time … walkingboxes offers the perfect solution for the sophisticated mobile kitchen.”

Cooks and restaurant owners are becoming much more environmentally conscious, and there is no shortage of innovative ideas that seek to reduce food waste or make cooking more sustainable. Recent concepts include a gourmet restaurant that uses food waste and the use of compostable take-away dishes.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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