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New coalition takes lessons from WWII to combat climate change

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World War Zero is using influential alliances to urge the world into taking radical steps to end carbon emissions

Spotted: US politicians, movie stars and other influential figures have formed a coalition to mobilise efforts to fight climate change. Specifically, World War Zero wants to reduce carbon emissions to zero in 30 years. 

The group is modelled on the example of how countries banded together to fight a common enemy in World War II. Its founders argue that climate change poses a risk for every country and should be treated as a global threat.  

Unlike existing efforts, however, World War Zero does not focus on a particular policy. Instead, it seeks to bring a wide spectrum of people together to fight climate change in a number of ways.

The primary goal is to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The UN has said emissions must be eradicated by that date in order to keep the Earth at a safe temperature. 

World War Zero aims to leverage international fame and bipartisan support into global influence. Founding members include former California Governor and Hollywood star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and US politician and diplomat John Kerry. Other prominent members include former US President Bill Clinton and musician Sting. 




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