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Breezo hopes their system can help during the current health crisis | Photo source Breezo

Air purification device uses probiotics to clean indoor air

Health & Wellbeing

The system’s ultrasonic misting reaches all contact surfaces continuously, aiming to prevent the indirect transfer of viruses

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Spotted: The use of probiotics may have reached a new creative high, as Belgian company Breezo launches an air purification system that uses ultrasonic misting of probiotics to enrich the microflora in indoor environments.

One reason probiotics are so useful is that they are believed to produce enzymes that can digest organic pollution, cleaning surfaces on a microscopic level. Moreover, the probiotics remain active for several days, which can improve the efficacy of disinfectants.

The system can be placed in any room or office up to 50m². Larger models to be built in HVAC-systems are also available.

Unlike normal cleaning, where it is almost impossible to reach all contact surfaces (furniture, floors, appliances, curtains, etc.), the company claims that its system colonises all contact surfaces continuously. This is particularly relevant, given that viruses can survive on a contact surface for eight hours and cleaning programs can rarely clean all contact surfaces every hour.

Whilst no single product in the world can prevent the direct transmission of COVID-19 (or any virus), Breezo hopes their system can help prevent an indirect transfer through hands, surfaces and objects.

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