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The 3D face scan | Photo source Alexandre Chotteau

A customisable face mask adaptable for any profession

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A French team has created the M-101 mask, which can be adapted into 600 different styles to suit the needs of the wearer’s profession

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Spotted: A French team led by designer Dorian Etienne, have created a face mask that can be easily adapted to any profession due to its modularity. Made with eco-friendly materials that are all sourced in France, the reusable M-101 mask comes with a wide range of protective accessories and fasteners that can be easily clipped onto its frame.

The inspiration behind the M-101 came as the demand for them increased, and awareness grew surrounding the damage that single-use masks could do to the environment. Furthermore, the team found that there was a lack of professional protective equipment that was user friendly and aimed to create something that was adaptable to the daily needs of workers.

The M-101 mask functions as a system that adapts to the wearer’s profession. Using a mobile application, the masks are tailor-made through a 3D-scan of each worker’s face. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns, with a filter that visually indicates when it needs to be changed. Companies also have the option to print their logo onto the masks. Owing to its bio-based materials, which are produced locally in France, the masks are highly durable, and each part can be easily recycled or biodegraded. On top of its adaptability and durability, the masks can be sterilised in as little as five minutes, using a UV-C decontamination case. Decontaminating the mask can be done anywhere, as the case is portable and uses a rechargeable battery.

The way the M-101 mask is designed allows for limitless improvements, as new accessories targeted to different professions can be developed to be attached to the standard frame. The team, comprised of Dorian Etienne, Manon Baste, Alexandre Chotteau, Anton Blondeau and Julie Tarrade, is currently seeking funding to launch the beta version of the mask, and are looking for companies that want to join forces as it develops across Europe.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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