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The air purifier, along with wireless stereo | Photo source Sauberair

An invisible air purifier that looks like an art display

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In the guise of a piece of art, the Sauberair FLAT eliminates a wide range of pollutants in the air, using minimum power

Spotted: Having appliances at home comes with a lot of advantages, but they can also look bulky and out of place. Taiwan-based company Sauberair have made a conscious effort to disguise their latest invention as home décor, creating a sleek air purifier that looks like wall art. The Sauberair FLAT is just three and a half inches thick and disguises itself as a custom piece of wall-art that can be hung around the home, while also eliminating a wide range of pollutants. The air purifier can be easily controlled with an app and with built-in smart sensors, FLAT automatically detects, monitors the air quality and reacts to provide a fresher and healthier environment.

Despite its compact appearance, the Sauberair FLAT reaches a high clean air delivery rate, capable of cleaning a 19 square metre space within 12 minutes, or a 32 square metre space in 20 minutes. It comes in three variants, a LITE version, a PLUS version and BT PLUS version, and they all use the same filtration system. The app will alert the user when they have to change the filter, which can be easily removed, with a new filter press-fitted in. FLAT uses a reliable non-woven fibre material filter that guarantees high dust-holding capacities. This means that it has a longer lifespan and the airflow will not reduce rapidly when accumulating mass amounts of dust. The purifier’s intakes and exhausts are built around the sides, keeping the front face intake for the art, which sits in a wooden frame. To top it off, the Sauberair FLAT-BT model has Bluetooth speakers that can play music or act as a wake-up alarm.

The Sauberair FLAT is now available to buy at an early bird price, starting from €338. If it reaches its goal on Kickstarter by November 27, the product will receive funding and start shipping in December.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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