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PYRATEX uses seaweed from the Northern Atlantic for the masks | Photo source PYRATEX®

Sustainable face masks made from seaweed

Health & Wellbeing

The masks provide breathability, whilst taking care of the skin and inhibiting the formation of free reactive oxygen species formed in living organisms

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Spotted: Spanish sustainable textile supplier PYRATES has created natural, reusable face masks which are certified by EUROFINS, and follow the European Union’s CWA regulation.

The masks provide breathability, whilst taking care of the skin, thanks to their interior composition of PYRATEX® cosmetic II.

PYRATEX® are high-end, knit fabrics which are made in Europe from either vegetable, upcycled or biodegradable fibres. The vegetal fibres all originate from different plants, which give the fabrics their unique body-caring properties, tested and certified by European textile institutes. 

For the masks, PYRATEX uses seaweed from the Northern Atlantic which is then transformed into a powder that gets combined with cellulose fibre. 

Thanks to seaweed’s high Vitamin E and mineral content, such as sodium, magnesium and calcium, it inhibits the formation of free reactive oxygen species, formed in living organisms, which are formed in living organisms when in contact with oxygen and act by attacking the genetic material of cells. 

Next, Seacell is blended with a GOTS certified organic cotton fibre and the yarn is created using spinning machines. They work with three different yarners in Italy, Greece and Portugal, and the fabric is finished in Italy and tinted with natural dyes. The result is a one-of-a-kind, European-made, CWA-certified, reusable, skin-caring face mask.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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