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The tablets don't release any chemicals when they come into contact with water | Photo source Change Toothpaste

Canadian startup creates zero-waste toothpaste

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The chemical and plastic-free toothpaste dissolves as you brush your teeth, preventing the release of harmful chemicals

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Spotted: Canada-based company, Change Toothpaste, has developed a chemical-free toothpaste that has no plastic packaging. The toothpaste, which is in tablet form, is part of the company’s efforts to reduce plastic waste.

The pea-size tablets, which are spearmint flavoured, work differently to traditional toothpaste. You bite the tablet and then brush with water, whereupon it starts to foam. The tablets promise to be waste-free and mess-free, and the packaging pouch it comes in is biodegradable.

The company experimented with 119 different recipes to develop the spearmint-flavoured tablets, and the creators worked with dentists to develop a formula that cleans teeth without the use of chemicals. 

A months-worth of tablets cost just under seven euros, and the company sells bamboo toothbrushes alongside the toothpaste. The company have also recently surpassed their crowdfunding goals. 



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