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Surfer Luke Rosson using the world's first recycled surfboard | Photo source Andreas J. Hendlmeier/JUC Surf

Carbon fibre waste turned into high-performance surfboards

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Aerospace engineering expertise solves many of the previous problems surfers had with carbon boards

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Spotted: Combining aerospace engineering and chemistry, the JUC Surf team found a way to turn scraps of carbon fibre into flexible, strong, high-quality surfboards. One of the main complaints about carbon fibre boards was their inflexibility, as boards that combine carbon and glass tend to crack at the joins between the two materials. The JUC boards eliminate both problems.

Having met at Australia’s Deakin University, the three founders of the company won a place in the 2020 SPARK Deakin Accelerator programme. With expertise in the interface between carbon fibre and resin, the team believes their boards to be among the strongest and lightest on the market. One of the benefits of using scrap and waste material is the ability to personalise the final product for the end-user. From weave pattern and density to tow density and board shape, each JUC surfboard is tailored as needed.

Having created the means to use recycled carbon, the company also produces boards made from brand new fibres. Customers keen on trying out the new boards can register an expression of interest in order to receive advance notice when pre-ordering opens. They will also receive a discount on the final price, which ranges from €395 to €546. The team plans on making the first batch of boards available from November 2020.

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Written by: Keely Khoury

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