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The Wallace and Gromit animators worked with Greenpeace and Olivia Coleman | Photo source Greenpeace

Greenpeace taps into star power for new sea turtle campaign

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The Aardman animation is part of Greenpeace's larger efforts to draw attention to the extinction threat facing sea turtles

Spotted: Greenpeace UK has partnered with famous UK actors and animators, such as Olivia Coleman and Wallace and Gromit animators, Aardman, to spotlight the dangers facing sea turtles. The animated film is part of a wider campaign calling for international efforts to provide sanction zones for sea turtles.

The animated clip shows a turtle family, with Olivia Colman as the mother, returning home from a trip. As the family journeys through the ocean, they face various challenges, such as pollutants and the effects of forced migration. A tragedy once they reach home serves to underscore that six out of seven sea turtle species faces extinction.

Greenpeace partnered with Aardman to make the film as part of its call for a global network of ocean sanctuaries to protect the turtles’ homes. The film is the latest example of Greenpeace using animation to educate the wider public about threats to the environment. In 2018, the organisation teamed with British actor, Emma Thompson, to voice its animation about the dangers of palm oil. 




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