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“Rolloe” requires no additional energy to operate as it uses the kinetic energy of moving vehicles | Photo source Kristen Tapping

Bicycle wheel uses movement to purify air

Mobility & Transport

The concept aims to reward consumers based on distance traveled and aims to target ride sharing bicycles such as Santander and Mobikem

Spotted: A student from London South Bank University has designed a bicycle wheel that uses movement to purify air from particulate matter, and noxious gases in prime polluted roadways.

“Rolloe” requires no additional energy to operate as it uses the kinetic energy of moving vehicles. Compared to other outdoor air purifying devices, it captures polluted air at the source of its production, allowing greater efficiency and impact. 

The product is made up of three parts: a tri-wheel and two rims that hold air filters between them. The rims have large centre cavities and are lined with fins. As the wheel rotates, the fins create pressure difference pulling air in from the inner cavities and then pushing it out through the exterior.

As air is pulled in through the centre and pushed through the rims, it passes through various external filters, including a loofah sponge (refined prefilter), a HEPA filter (filter for particulates up to 2.5 microns), and an activated carbon filter (filter for gases). The air is then expelled into the environment with fewer particulates and lower levels of noxious gases. 

Next steps include maximising air intake efficiency and seeing if lower maintenance air filtration methods could be adapted, such as a dust cyclone. If this is successful, the products could be promoted to ride-sharing companies, such as Santander and Mobikem.  

2021 Design Innovation in Plastics entries are open to UK students now.

Written By: Katrina Lane

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