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The Superstrata bike is made from a single piece of industrial grade carbon fibre | Photo source Superstrata

Customised bike frame 3D-printed in industrial-grade carbon fibre

Mobility & Transport

The single-piece frame design makes the bike far stronger than current versions made of the same material

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Spotted: The Superstrata is a bespoke bicycle with a 3D printed, carbon fibre frame. Available as either a manual or electric version, the bicycle frame is made from a single piece of industrial-grade carbon fibre. Unlike other carbon fibre bicycles on the market, the Superstrata has no joints, bolts, screws or glue. A thermoplastic polymer mix covers the carbon fibre which, when combined with the structural strength of a single piece of the frame, makes the bicycle far stronger than anything else currently available.

Using a range of measurements, including riding style and experience, the bicycle is tailored to the exact needs of each rider. The strength and minimal weight of the frame makes the bike incredibly versatile, allowing for use on almost any surface, from touring to off-road gravel and city riding. The down tube contains the battery for the electric version, and almost every aspect of the bike is customisable. Riders can add anti-theft technologies, a phone charging port, trip recorder, integrated lights and more.

The company is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with an estimated shipping date of December 2020 for the first round of production. The first 500 bikes will be numbered. Supporters of the campaign can choose from rewards that include sets of carbon fibre wheels and the electric and classic versions of the bicycle.

So often used for its strength, other carbon fibre-based innovations spotted by Springwise include jewellery that alerts wearers to unsafe social distancing and an architectural material mixed with bamboo for increased flexibility and resilience in design.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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