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The sustainable bags from Better Packaging | Photo source Better Packaging

Australasian company makes biodegradable packaging for e-commerce


Better Packaging Company offers biodegradable and recyclable packaging in an effort to create shipping material that is more sustainable

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Spotted: The Australasian “Better Packaging Company” has created a form of eco-friendly packaging for e-commerce shipping. The biodegradable and recyclable bags are part of a larger effort to reduce packaging waste, the company says.

Better Packaging Company currently offers several alternatives to traditional packaging, including plastic alternatives. The company also produces an envelope/pack line made from limestone quarry waste, which feels like paper but is water-proof and recyclable. 

A second line offers compostable courier bags, known as ‘Real Dirt Bags’, which mimic plastic but are biodegradable. This line also offers compostable bubble bags, courier labels, ziplock and poly bags, as well as flow wrap.

The company’s founders were inspired to create eco-friendly alternatives to packaging after facing the volume of waste produced by e-commerce. Their products are now used by retailers around the world, including Etsy suppliers and L’Oréal.




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