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Many people aren’t aware that classical toothpaste tubes pose a challenge for recycling facilities | Photo source Bruno/Germany from Pixabay

Albéa's recyclable oral care tubes gain traction with major brands


Albéa Greenleaf tubes are made of High-Density Polyethylene and production involves a single-blown film to decrease the CO2 footprint

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Spotted:  Henkel, the German chemical and consumer goods giant, has partnered with the French packaging manufacturer Albéa to gradually convert its entire oral care tube portfolio to recyclable, all-plastic laminate tubes. 

Henkel owns a variety of oral brands and is used by millions of consumers every day, many of whom aren’t aware that classical toothpaste tubes pose a challenge for recycling facilities. The Greenleaf line of tubes is made entirely of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and are recognised as being recyclable within the HDPE bottles recycling stream by the Association of Plastic Recyclers in the US, and by Suez.CircPack in Europe. Moreover, their tube-making technology uses a single-blown film to decrease the product’s CO2 footprint. Earlier this year, Albéa and Colgate announced the first launch of the HDPE tube in the United Kingdom.

Henkel decided to debut the transition to the new tubes with its Spanish toothpaste brand Licor del Polo. The whole transition process is expected to be finalised across all oral care brands by the beginning of 2021. “We have a clear goal: Together we want to launch the world’s first full HDPE tube in 2021, which will then include the cap as well,” said Philippe Blank, Head of Packaging Sustainability at Henkel Beauty Care. 

Written By: Katrina Lane

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