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Eevie helps people to live more sustainably every day. | Photo source Pixabay

Eevie App uses AI to nudge users to build sustainable habits

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Users can choose up to 20 different habits and get useful reminders to help them track their activity

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Spotted: For those who want to live in a more sustainable way, but find it hard to keep track of their options, Eevie may offer a solution. Eevie is an eco-habit tracker designed to help users improve their carbon impact by making small changes every day. 

Users can choose up to 20 different habits and get useful reminders to help them keep up with the activity. Eevie also includes a context awareness engine, a system that makes use of artificial intelligence to recognise when a user is about to engage in an actionable opportunity, such as food shopping. The app then nudges people by providing instant feedback on how each decision, such as buying organic products, would affect their carbon footprint. 

According to the company, the “nudge, act, repeat” cycle enables users to slowly gain greater awareness about their environment. Tono Willms, Eevie’s CEO and Co-Founder, told Springwise the app is designed to make it easier for people to live eco-friendly lives, “Like Fitbit managed to get millions of people to move more by tracking their steps, we want to get millions of people to live more sustainably by tracking their daily activities.” Adding, “Innovations in sensor technology are pushing the capabilities of smartphones far beyond the purpose of communication”.

Springwise regularly covers innovations that involve sustainability, such as a rewards program for sustainable shoppers and an app that helps Shanghai residents sort their rubbish for recycling. However, this is amongst the first that uses AI to encourage users to act sustainably, without compromising convenience.

Eevie is currently available for free on the Apple App Store, for Android on Google Play and through the Eevie website.



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