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The SolMate is designed for small urban spaces. | Photo source EET

A photovoltaic storage system for portable solar power

Agriculture & Energy

A plug and play photovoltaic system that can be self-installed and store solar power almost anywhere

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Spotted: Germany-based EET recently won a James Dyson Award for SolMate, a photovoltaic panel and storage system that can be self-installed. The company hopes that its innovation will allow anyone to use solar power almost anywhere.

While everyone agrees there is a need to transition to greater use of renewable energy, this can be difficult to achieve on an individual level. SolMate is designed to measure the energy consumption of a household and supply self-generated solar energy in response. The system consists of lightweight photovoltaic panels and a compact storage unit. The panels are connected to the storage unit with a cable. The storage unit itself is simply plugged into a standard power socket.

Electricity generated by SolMate’s photovoltaic panels flows directly into the home as needed, and does not connect to the wider power grid. Excess electricity is stored in the compact energy-storage unit for later. The system also comes with an app that allows users to monitor their energy usage.

SolMate is intended for use by urban apartment dwellers who lack a roof to attach solar panels. The compact panels can be placed on a balcony or any outdoor space. It is also transportable, making it possible for people to generate power on the go. According to the company, SolMate, “will allow wider sections of the population to actively participate in the energy revolution”.

Springwise has been closely following innovations in solar power. From a solar-powered Prius to solar smart benches that can charge phones, solar technology is seeing exciting advances.



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