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High-performance downhill skis made from sustainable algae biotechnology

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The lightweight skis replace petroleum with oil derived from purpose-grown micro algae

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Spotted: Salt Lake City, Utah’s WNDR Alpine ski company uses renewable microalgae as the basis for their high-performance skis. Oil from purpose-grown algae forms a strong, lightweight core that greatly reduces the volume of petroleum-based carbon needed for each pair of skis. Combined with locally sourced aspen, the algal foundation helps increase certain performance qualities including durability, damping and stability.

It takes approximately nine days to grow enough microalgae for the required amount of oil. The skis are designed and built in the United States, and to develop its products, WNDR Alpine partners with Checkerspot for its innovative biotechnology platform AlgalTech™. Algae is also used instead of plastic in the sidewalls of the skis.

Describing their work as being on a continuum of improvement, the brand focuses on refining performance through increasing its use of sustainable materials. Most sizes of the skis are available and shipping now.

From burgers to biodegradable t-shirts, algae and seaweed are proving to be invaluable ingredients in the tsunami of products focused on providing sustainable replacements for the current resource-intensive items found on most shelves, in business and at home.

Written by: Keely Khoury



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