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Altered's Dome technology expels water in a high-speed, rotating dome | Photo source Altered

A shower experience promises 75 per cent less water usage

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Altered's new technology aims to deliver a proper shower experience while saving water, energy and CO2

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Spotted: Swedish innovation company, Altered, has developed the Altered: Shower, with new technology that offers a full shower experience while using 75 per cent less water. When developing the technology, the company focused on the three elements that they feel make a good shower: coverage, warmth and pressure. With this in mind and after hundreds of tests, The Dome technology was developed.  

The Dome technology expels water in a high-speed, rotating dome. This tears the water apart, creating thousands of large droplets that provide full coverage. Unlike traditional water-saving showers that reduce the flow and speed of the water, the Dome technology is able to increase the speed of the water to maintain high pressure and rinsing ability. Lastly, the Dome holds the water together for longer, allowing heat to be transferred to the droplets more efficiently while using less energy.  

As an added luxury, the shower features a “monsoon mode,” which adds more water into the dome to create a monsoon rain experience, while still saving 50 per cent of both water and energy. The Altered: Shower can be easily installed to your existing shower unit, and the stainless steel nozzle makes it longlasting and fit for any bathroom design.

Requests for Altered to develop a shower started in 2016, and after listening to customer feedback, conducting countless numbers of tests and full-scale production, the company estimates to begin shipping out orders in June this year. 




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