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Sutherland hopes that people who use the app will become agents of change | Photo source MyPlasticDiary

An app to track individual plastic use

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The MyPlasticDiary app helps users track where their plastic comes from, so that they are better able to cut down on its use


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Spotted: Most of us want to reduce the amount of plastic we use but are unsure both of exactly how much plastic we use in daily life, and how to go about reducing it. Now, London-based startup MyPlasticDiary has secured a £50,000 grant from Innovate UK to further develop their MyPlasticDiary app, a “Fitbit for plastic” concept. 

The MyPlasticDiary is an app that allows users to record and track all of the plastic packaging received and used with daily shopping. Through an intuitive interface, users can enter packaging items, check detailed statistics, and break down different categories of packaging. In the future, the app will incorporate barcode scanning and integration with online grocery shopping apps. 

Co-founder Alex Zilber came up with the idea for the app when he realised that he actually had little idea of where the plastic was coming from in the first place. The idea is that, once users are armed with the knowledge of where their plastic waste is from, they can take measures to reduce it. 

Zilber hopes that people who use the app will become agents of change. He told Springwise: “Once a week, MyPlasticDiary calculates your plastic usage and if you have been doing a good job, it awards you with a virtual medal or a cup. You can post this to your Facebook or Instagram feed and let others know that you are actively trying to reduce your plastic footprint and inspire them to do the same.”

Plastic use is the target of an ever-growing number of innovations covered by Springwise. We are particularly encouraged by the wide range of these innovations, which include bioplastics that can withstand extreme heat or that are made from food waste and a plastic-free car interior.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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