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Cleanyst uses a reusable container, tap water and packets of concentrates | Photo source Cleanyst

A zero-waste option for making shampoo at home

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The Cleanyst appliance targets the growing zero-waste movement by creating cleaning products at home with a minimal amount of plastic

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Spotted: US-based Cleanyst has created a home appliance that makes custom-made cleaning and hygiene products. The machine can shrink your plastic footprint and save money, the company says.

Cleanyst is part of a growing trend of zero-waste retail options that include homemade cleaners and other products. The company says it is different from its competitors by allowing people to “unleash the full potential of concentrates” to make a production-line quality product

Its appliance, which Cleanyst compares to a Keurig or Nespresso in terms of ease-of-use, mixes a batch of product in minutes. It uses a reusable container, tap water and packets of concentrates shipped by the company. The waste is minimal and the packets are recyclable. 

The appliance recently achieved its main funding goals on Kickstarter. The backers are scheduled to receive their own Cleanyst machines in December.




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