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Swedish hotel's nearly invisible glass 'tree rooms'

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Designed to blend into its surroundings so as not to ruin the view, Treehotel in Sweden is now making its glassed tree-top hotel room, Mirrorcube, available for mail order purchase.

Innovative and eco-friendly hotel rooms are nothing new to our virtual pages here at Springwise, but one we hadn’t had occasion to cover yet is Swedish Treehotel and its near-invisible, forest-mounted Mirrorcube. What makes the concept even more compelling is that the Mirrorcube is now available for purchase direct to consumers. Situated in the forest area around Harads, Sweden, Treehotel has now implemented five of the 24 rooms it has planned for the area. Among those are “The Blue Cone,” “The UFO” and “The Bird’s Nest,” all suspended four to six meters above the ground and designed in eco-minded fashion by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects. Designed to blend into its surroundings so as not to ruin the view, the Mirrorcube is an addition to this collection, featuring mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings and yet are safe for passing birds thanks to a layer of infrared film. Featuring six windows and a panoramic view, the Mirrorcube accommodates two people with a double bed, bathroom, lounge, and rooftop terrace. Perhaps most interestingly of all, the Mirrorcube is now for sale, with a delivery time of roughly four months. Retail pricing is reportedly about EUR 275,000 excluding transportation costs. Because of the cube’s ability to blend into its surroundings so well, it may be a perfect choice for those looking to create accommodation in areas of natural beauty. Treehotel is currently looking for suitable resellers for its Mirrorcube. One to get involved in? Spotted by: Hemanth Chandrasekar



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