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On Japanese site, surplus local produce given away for free


“Waste not, want not” is an ages-old truism that’s taken on fresh relevance in this era of environmental awareness and economic uncertainty. Aiming to do its part to put that principle into practice, Tada Yasai is a Japanese initiative to help ensure that excess local produce doesn’t get wasted. Tada Yasai — whose name means “free vegetables” — is a site that offers just that to registered users. The fresh produce given away is surplus grown by farmers in Japan’s Saitama and Gunma prefectures. It’s often left over simply because it doesn’t meet the aesthetic criteria imposed by many supermarkets — other than visually, the quality of the goods is at least as high as those found in stores. Quantities are typically limited, and consumers must both register and pay shipping to receive the free produce, according to a report in Japan Trends. Meanwhile, farmers get profile pages on the site along with the opportunity to sell their produce as well. Free love can go a long way, as we’ve documented already on numerous occasions, but when it prevents waste and offers the potential for future sales to boot? Well, that’s a combination that’s got to be hard to beat. (Related: Tokyo shop only offers free newspapers and magazinesRice cracker brand’s cafés serve free drinks and snacks.) Spotted by: Franziska Luh



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