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Restaurants pitched against each other in online game


Is there anything that can’t be made into a game? Recently we saw Chromaroma gamifying London’s public transport system, and now we’ve discovered Tasty Duel. Through the website, the questions “where shall we eat tonight?”, or “which restaurant do you prefer” can now be answered through a series of online duels. Visitors to Tasty Duel — built by US-based Eyepinch — start by logging in through Facebook. They are then confronted with two restaurants, from which they must either select their favorite by clicking the restaurant’s logo, click that they have never tried one of the restaurants, or skip the duel completely. All of the data from the duels is captured by the website, and once 20 duels have been completed users are able to view a ranked list of their favorite eateries. Once 50 duels have been completed they are able to see a list of the restaurants they have never tried (along with Google Maps links to find nearby branches), and 75 duels unlocks the list of favorite restaurants as voted by the Tasty Duel community For the website’s faithful, completing 150 duels will unlock the “Tasty Deals” section, which features coupon-based deals such as free drinks or sides at KFC. The website also features a Facebook share button, which automatically posts a list of the user’s favorite restaurants to their Facebook profile. As we saw with Digitalkoot, gaming can be a compelling way of engaging audiences. With the potential to entice audiences in such an effective way, is it time to give your own brand a game of its own? Spotted by: Zachary Love



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