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Taxi fleet to be made kid friendly with safety seats

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As part of its Safe Baby initiative, BalticTaxi is equipping its fleet with child safety seats, in an effort to better ensure a safe and comfortable ride for small children.

Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent article on BalticTaxi’s new dedicated service for cyclists, which sees certain cars within the fleet equipped with bicycle roof racks. In an effort to further accommodate the varying needs of their passengers, the company is now adding in child safety seats as standard in selected vehicles.

The new Safe Baby service has seen child safety seats permanently installed in six vehicles from the BalticTaxi fleet — designed to offer a safer and more comfortable ride for young children up to 11 years old. Of course, many other taxi organizations also offer safety seats as an option, but by having the seats installed permanently, BalticTaxi can offer a quicker and more efficient service. The company also says that the service will help them meet an increasing demand to ferry children to and from school or kindergarten. Arita Zvirgzdiņa, Corporate Customer Department Manager of BalticTaxi, comments: “Being able to trust the taxi driver to safely take their child to the destination is important to our clients.” It might also prove useful for holidaymakers heading to and from the airport with their young kids. The Safe Baby taxis — identifiable by Safe Baby labels on the car’s exterior — will be served by taxi drivers who will be able to change and safely install different seats in order to best match the child’s height, age and weight.

As with the roof rack service, there will be no extra charge for riding in a Safe Baby taxi and making use of the provided safety seat. How else could everyday services be made more convenient and accessible for parents of young children?



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