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Taxis with salvaged parts promote organ donation

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CUCAIBA and UTMO’s organ donation campaign uses mismatched taxis to spread the importance of working parts — for a car as for a human body.

In Argentina, there are 7949 people on the organ waiting list, and so far this year, only 108 people have donated. But the social issue is not usually prioritized, and many citizens are not aware of the lives they can save just by signing up to become a donor. CUCAIBA and UTMO, two health transplant agencies in Buenos Aires, created a clever marketing campaign to address this issue.

The two departments rescued working parts of cars that had been put out of circulation. Using the salvaged haul, they gave existing taxi drivers and companies the option to replace their stolen or broken car parts for free, if they agree to participate in the initiative and drive around in distinguishable, mismatched vehicles. For cars that used rescued engine parts, CUCAIBA and UTMO put their name on the car top advertising space. An interactive tablet in the cars tells passengers where the mismatched parts came from, and teaches them about organ donation. Notably, riders can sign up to become an organ donor on the spot. Those who spread the word on social media using the hashtag #AutoDonantes also got a free ride.

As the campaign says: “We are all made of parts.” Could a similar scheme work through salvaged parts of laptops and smartphones?



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