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Teabag turns any beer into a craft brew

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Hop Theory have created a range of teabag-like sachets which can infuse any beer with specialty flavors.

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The last few years have seen a massive boom in popularity for specialty beers, with nearly 3000 microbreweries operating in the US alone, offering consumers a wider range of beer types and flavors than ever before. Now, a simple sachet created by Baltimore-based startup Hop Theory will enable beer fans to enhance their beer at home, transforming even the most average beers into quality craft brews.


Having recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign, Hop Theory are now launching their teabag-like sachets to market. Each blend contains a combination of hops, fruit peel and natural flavors that enable beer drinkers to customize their beverage in minutes. The first blend, called Relativity, is an infusion of cascade hops, orange peel and coriander seeds. There are plans afoot for further sachets including pumpkin, peach and double IPA.

To use, the brewer simply adds the sachet to their beer, and transfusion takes place in between two and four minutes, by which time their customized beer is ready to drink. Each sachet can be used up to four times and is completely biodegradable.

We have already seen Whiskey Elements improve the taste of well-whiskey using a ridged oak stick. Are there other natural, consumer-friendly ways to enhance cheaper drink options?



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