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T-shirts with a story and a cause, accessible via QR code

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Much the way Rosa Loves raises funds for charity by selling t-shirts emblazoned with the individual stories of those in need, so Tees at Risk does much the same thing for needy teens by selling t-shirts featuring artwork created by the youths themselves. Tees at Risk works closely with organizations around the world that help teens in trouble, and it’s through those groups that artistically talented youth get referred to the New York-based organization, which turns select designs created by them into t-shirts for sale through its site. Four such shirts are currently featured, each priced at USD 25 and accompanied by a description of the story of the teen artist who created it. Ten percent of each sale goes to an organization that helps teens at risk — typically one designated by the artist — and that’s indicated in the shirt’s description as well. Perhaps most interesting of all, though, is that each shirt bears a QR code enabling anyone with a data-connected, QR-enabled device to learn more about the story behind the shirt. Operating as a benefit corporation, Tees at Risk also offers its t-shirt designs for nonprofits, companies and events. One to partner with or emulate for your own socially focused goals?



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