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Temporary recipe tattoos keep cooking instructions handy for chefs

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I Tradizionali has created temporary tattoos featuring recipes that can be applied on the arm and washed off after cooking.

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While the traditional cookbook has been somewhat replaced by tablets and smartphones in the kitchen, and we’ve even seen custom recipes based on the items shoppers have bought printed on receipts, there’s still a problem when it comes to actually keeping cooking instructions in view when chefs are busy preparing their meal. I Tradizionali is offering a solution in the form of temporary tattoos featuring recipes that can be applied on the arm and washed off after cooking.

Created by designers Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso, the tattoos offer an illustrated version of a variety of Italian recipes, including Grandmother’s Artichokes and sundried tomatoes and anchovies spaghetti. On the back of each tattoo is a shopping list of ingredients for the meal that can be used at the supermarket. Once in the kitchen, chefs can roll their sleeves up and apply the tattoo on the other side to their arm. This enables them to continue cooking without having to consult a book or tablet, keeping their eyes on the food. When they’ve finished, the tattoo can simply be scrubbed off. Each pack includes four recipes, and there are also themed packs for seasonal occasions and special dietary requirements.

Watch the video below (in Italian) to see the tattoos in action:


A set of I Tradizionali tattoos can be bought for EUR 10. How else can recipes be customized to make it easier for amateur chefs to cook at home?



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