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Texas county plans to launch first entirely digital public library


The County of Bexar is looking to shortly unveil BiblioTech – offering online research tools and e-readers for readers to browse.

The Spanish government has already provided a way for the public to gain access to digital book chapters under its National Reading Plan. Now the County of Bexar is looking to shortly unveil BiblioTech – the first entirely digital public library in the US. While other libraries may have enhanced their print collections with new technology, the BilioTech will be an entirely new public space equipped with computers, e-readers and wifi access. Upon launch, the county hopes to have around 10,000 titles available to peruse on its devices. Personnel will still be on hand to help customers with their research and members will be able to take their e-books home with them by checking out e-readers. The authorities currently have plans to locate in the surburban South Side of San Antonio, where it will act as a cheap way for those outside of the city to access library resources. With the web fast becoming the primary way to share information, it seems likely that there will be many ventures such as this in the near future. Could a digital public library work for your part of the world?



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