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Text message puts tickets at the fingertips of sports fans

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ReplyBuy sends out texts with tickets to sports matches that fans can buy with a simple reply.

Tickets for sports matches generate huge interest from fans, especially for sell-out games to their favorite arenas. Now venues and clubs have a new way to turn conversations with fans into transactions using ReplyBuy, a new marketing and e-commerce app.

ReplyBuy enables sports clubs to communicate with their fans and offer targeted campaigns through text messages. Users can simply reply to the text message and purchase the ticket. Tickets are immediately sent to users’ phones, and ready for use straight away.


This enables partners and sports brands to offer targeted on-demand marketing campaigns, letting them see instant results in sales, and increase fan loyalty to their teams. The texts are more conversational, telling fans they have already found them great seats, or letting them know that tickets have just been released to a game.

The app currently works with a number of major sports brands in football and basketball across cities in the US. Could music concerts and other types of entertainment benefit from a text-to-buy model?



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