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Text counseling reminds students of important events

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Up Next sends text messages to students, reminding them about important tasks such as applying for college and financial aid.

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We have seen a number of text services targeted at young adults, such as this app that lets them ask questions to do with politics via SMS. Now a team of education and design experts have developed Up Next, a text service to help young people get on top of their educational admin.

Up Next is a collaboration between digital and design agency Huge, and non-profit Civic Nation, which promotes charitable and educational policies. Working as a reminder tool and information portal for highschoolers, it sends text messages to notify them of upcoming educational events, including exams and college application deadlines. Students can sign up by texting ‘NEXT’ to a number, and will receive SMSs at crucial times, such as a couple of months before exams begin. Texts contain links to information pages on the Up Next website, which can guide students to relevant forms that need filling, and offer advice on how to complete necessary tasks such as applying for financial aid. The texts are straightforward and come without follow-ups, nudging students without sounding too much like a parent or a teacher.

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