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The New York Times invites media startups to work from its headquarters

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timeSpace aims to help those just starting out in the media industry to learn from the experience of the long-established newspaper.

We’ve already seen the Winnipeg Free Press take steps to connect with the local community by opening a branded coffee shop and work space. Now The New York Times is opening up its office space and expertise to media startups through timeSpace. The scheme is opening up office space at the newspaper’s headquarters at 620 8th Avenue, New York City, to provide fledgling businesses with a four-month program. The company is looking for entrepreneurs or startups within the journalism or digital media industry and with these fledgling enterprises it hopes to work on refining their ideas and to open up opportunities to meet with relevant staff members. timeSpace will be home to three to five companies during the four-month period, who will be able to collaborate with, learn and teach each other. The New York Times will also benefit from gaining access to the innovative minds of new businesses entering the media sphere today. The application round is open until 19 February and there is a possibility of receiving New York Times investment as a result of the program. Major companies in other industries – could launching your own incubation scheme offer mutual benefits to you and local startups?



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