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The wrapping IS the gift


In an intangible world, will the wrapping become the gift? 'It's a Wrap' and Soolip are at the forefront of this beautification development.

Intangibles are the new tangibles! In saturated, experience-driven consumer societies populated by experience-craving consumers, what’s more important: the inside or the outside? Functionality or design? A Prada dress or the massive Prada shopping bag that it comes with, for all to see when the owner trots down Sloane Street or West Broadway? Springwise could go on for hours about MASSCLUSIVITY-obsessed consumers, but as always, we prefer real-life examples of innovative business ideas that exploit status anxiety. So check out this phenomenon: stores dedicated to gift wrapping. One stylish, sumptuous wrap is worth more than 10 crappy presents, and stores like It’s a Wrap and Soolip understand that. From Soolip’s website: “we’ve wrapped everything from iPods to engagement rings, Barbie dolls to plane tickets for a Christmas in Paris. We’ve always held firm to the belief that gifts are always better when dressed in a Japanese silk screened paper, or handmade Lokta from Nepal, and finished with yards and yards of hand-dyed silk ribbon. The Soolip Wrap features the best in paper and textiles as well as a wide array of gift toppers such as Czech glass beads, diminutive paper carnations, and fresh floral finishes. Always leave a lasting impression.” Springwise would NOT be surprised to see a multitude of POP-UP gift wrapping stores next holiday season. And long term, how about the wrapping becoming the present? There’s a lesson about what constitutes value and beauty in here somewhere;-)


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