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Theme park for Italian food opens in Bologna


This food theme park showcases Italian produce at every stage - from the field and stable to the farmer’s market, kitchen and trattoria.

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Foodies around the world have a new destination! FICO Eataly World opens in Bologna in November 2017, and on more than 25 acres of land, the biodiverse Italian food theme park will take visitors on a journey from fields and stables to kitchens, street-food kiosks and starred restaurants. Designed to introduce visitors to every stage of the food production process, FICO Eataly World is free to enter and includes more than 200 animals and 2000 crops.

The agri-park will be partially publicly owned, and more than 2,000 businesses are involved. Sustainability is a main theme of the space, with reclamation, reuse and solar as key components of new structures. Bianchi tricycles, equipped with shopping baskets, will be available for travelling around the site. Farmland will grow everything from olives and melons to grains, herbs and grapes, as well as providing grazing space for cows, pigs, goats and more. Forty workshops will allow visitors to take part in the making of food, including flour, pasta, cheese and wine. With multiple bars available, an on-site hotel continues the theme park feel and makes it easy for visitors to safely overindulge.

Other projects around the world finding ways to reduce food waste include laser engraving fresh produce to avoid the need for stickers and connecting farmers to consumers through WhatsApp orders. How might small agricultural and food processing interventions connect with each other to create economy of scale?



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