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Thought piggy bank helps users save ideas and pennies

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Idoid app helps users record ideas that they can then save up to achieve money savings using a connected piggy bank.

We’ve seen how an app that uses an emoji-heavy approach can help millennials keep better track of their money, and now a connected piggybank is aiming to help users save for their inspired moments.


Idoid, by designer Sowmya Iyer, is an idea-recording app that enables users to record and organize their thoughts and ideas, either by using their microphones or jotting down ideas on a virtual notepad. That’s only half the point though — Idoid syncs up to a connected piggy bank, the idea being that users should deposit a coin for every idea they’ve had that day, with the piggy bank flashing when in proximity to the user’s smartphone. The number of flashes represents how many ideas the user had that day. When users need inspiration for how to spend their savings, shaking the Idoid piggy bank causes recorded ideas to appear in the app.

Could Idoid also feature a social element, allowing users to share their ideas to inspire or donate to others?




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