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Tinder-style app for choosing sperm donor


Women can now browse potential sperm donors via the London Sperm Bank app, saving lists of preferences and receiving alerts when a potential match is made.

The London Sperm Bank is the UK’s largest, holding approximately 10,000 donations at all times. Demand still far outstrips supply, and the organization is hoping to help make the process easier for women with its new app. The sperm bank app lets prospective mothers select a variety of characteristics, choosing from categories including occupation, personality type, education and hair color.

Women can save a list of their preferred set of donor characteristics, and the app sends alerts when a potential match is available. The app adheres to the same privacy and security measures as the clinic. And all donors are vetted by multiple organizations that include the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

There are a lot of apps available to help women track their fertility, although not all of them promise to pay for infertility treatment if 10 months of trying doesn’t work. And this smart menstrual cup helps women track their health and wellness over time. How else could potential parents be supported in their quest to have children?



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