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Web app helps create & track business proposals

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Creating a business proposal can be a time-consuming endeavor, involving multiple rounds of creation, editing, revision, formatting and approval. Aiming to make that process easier, TinderBox is a web-based application that helps individuals and teams create, manage, deliver and track interactive business proposals. Indiana-based TinderBox allows users to manage all aspects of proposal creation — including writing, formatting, management, approvals and tracking — all from within one simple interface. The app ensures that everyone is always working with the most accurate, consistent and up-to-date proposal content, and it provides tracking data for every proposal that gets sent out. Users can always see, for example, when a proposal was viewed by a prospect, what sections they viewed and how long they spent reviewing it, offering key insights that can help improve their proposals over time. Pricing for small teams of up to four people starts at USD 30 per user per month. Wherever there’s pain, there’s opportunity, as we’ve noted so many times before — how can your brand help…? (Related: Crowdsourcing business documents.)



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