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Personalized trading cards feature members' own pets

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Much the way Virginia’s Lucky Dog contest gave pet owners a way to see their favourite canines featured on the state’s lottery tickets, so Toki Poki gives members of its social network a set of trading cards featuring their own pets. Billing itself as “a portal for pets and their people,” Los Angeles-based Toki Poki aims to help animal lovers share stories and resources, raise awareness and learn about events, products and services. A lifetime membership fee of USD 30 gets members an online pet profile with bio, photos and the ability to link to friends and make comments. Even more interesting, though, is that the site gives each member 50 Toki Poki trading cards featuring not just a photo of their pet but also a pet profile of up to 45 words. Additional cards can be purchased for USD 25 per pack of 50; breed-specific and other selections are also available. Members are encouraged to start local trading card groups and to learn more about the pets in their neighbourhoods. Ultimately, Toki Poki plans to help members use the cards for organizational promotion and fund-raising as well. Members of the site can also take advantage of instantly generated lost & found flyers along with community “lost” alerts sent via email. Makers of pet supplies and related products: time to add your brand to the mix through a sponsorship arrangement…? (Related: Directory of dog-friendly restaurantsFive business ideas aimed at cats, dogs & their doting ownersRFID collar tag helps dog owners meet new friends.) Spotted by: Eric Ryan



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