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Musicians advertise songs on streaming platforms

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Feature FM is a native advertising platform for new music, which places songs as ads within music streaming sites.

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Successful advertising often catches the consumer when they are most responsive to the promoted product. An example is this contagious billboard — a live action advert that yawns at passersby to make them crave coffee. Feature FM is a native advertising service for new music, which places songs within music streaming platforms, replacing less relevant advertisements that interrupt the listener’s experience.

To begin, musicians sign up to Feature Fm and upload the song they want to promote. They then set a budget for their campaign and a daily spend limit — Feature FM recommend a budget of USD 500 and a USD 50 deposit is required. The song then acts as the advertisement, automatically playing on landing pages to an extremely receptive target audience who are already listening to music. The ads are skippable so musicians are only charged when the song is streamed for over 30 seconds. Feature FM estimate that a USD 100 budget would attain approximately 4000 listens, significantly higher than the same spent on Facebook Ads, which would gain an estimated 123 listens.

Feature FM is currently partnered with streaming service 8track, which has over 9 million listeners and focuses on user-made playlists. Could other entertainment streaming platforms adopt a similar model — perhaps up and coming filmmakers could pay to show their short films on TV streaming sites?



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