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Tool gives users the news, and suggests what they can do about it

Nonprofit & Social Cause

ShoutAbout enables news providers to give information on the meaningful actions readers can take to help out with the situation they are reading about.

This week, we’ve already written about MSF.TV, the news station that aims to keep viewers more informed and encourage them to donate. Now, ShoutAbout is a tool that enables news providers to empower readers by offering information on the meaningful actions they can take to help out with the situation they are reading about. News sites and blogs can embed the ShoutAbout widget at the end of an article and it pulls through a related link to a charity campaign or non-profit action that readers can get involved in. For example, an article about guns in US society may link to a petition to encourage President Obama and Senator Mitt Romney to discuss the issue, while a piece about the recent damage caused by Hurricane Sandy may link to an appeal for help with emergency response efforts by the Red Cross. The widget also allows readers to easily share the story on their social networks and get contacts involved. Campaign organizers also benefit by spreading the word about their projects through the service. ShoutAbout is currently testing its service with select news outlets before launching fully. ShoutAbout helps make the news more than just a way for people to stay informed, it helps readers to get involved and make a difference. Are there other ways the media could be made more interactive? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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