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Toothpaste contains taurine to offer a morning energy boost

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Russian oral care company R.O.C.S. has now developed a toothpaste that's loaded with taurine to give people a morning boost while they brush their teeth.

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Some people simply can’t operate until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee or favorite energy drink, but today’s hectic lifestyles sometimes don’t leave enough time to hit the coffeeshop before work. While ideas such as Sprayable Energy have attempted to replace coffee with spray-on caffeine, Russian oral care company R.O.C.S. has now developed a toothpaste that’s loaded with taurine to give people energy while they brush their teeth.

Energy products have already proven their worth in the food and drinks market, but are now slowly beginning to move into other industries, particularly healthcare and cosmetics. Other companies have developed shower gels and shampoos with taurine, and now R.O.C.S.’ Energy toothpaste contains small amounts of the substance to target users as they wake up. Although the toothpaste isn’t ingested in the same way as coffee, it remains in the mouth long enough to deliver a dose of energy before users head to work.

While taurine is already used in a number of products, concerns over its health effects do provide a potential barrier in some countries. For example, taurine is already being rejected by the European Food Safety Authority in some cases. Would this product work in your part of the world? Are there any other products that could replace coffee as a primary way of getting a morning energy boost?



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