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Top 10 Sustainable Energy innovations from the last 12 months


We have put together the top sustainable energy innovations from the past year, designed to give you plenty of fresh inspiration for the future. Note: in order to read some of these articles, a <a href="">Springwise Access</a> account is required.

With resources becoming scarce and pollution levels rising, organizations must now adapt to ensure their business practices coincide with sustainable development. The innovations below highlight some our latest sustainable energy solutions to help your business thrive.

1 Money-making boiler generates electricity and cuts CO2 emissions

Nerdalize came up first in our top 10 business ideas and opportunities for 2016. The data storage company makes use of the waste heat from stored servers, and uses it to warm homes. Flow Energy’s microCHP boiler similarly generates energy as a byproduct of heating consumers’ homes, and could earn households up to GBP 500 per year.

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2 In Colombia, semi-hollow brick design will keep buildings cool

Many countries are actively searching for alternatives to environmentally unsustainable materials such as clay fired bricks. Bloque Termodisipador BT is a re-engineered clay brick that has a semi-hollow core, which will naturally regulate a building’s temperature. We also saw an eco-friendly brick made from recycled industrial waste. Cement is another essential building material that was the subject of innovation — Cortex is an easily transportable cement alternative, which takes the form of rollable concrete sheets that are activated by water.

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