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Top Ten Innovation Report for November

Top Ten

Here is this month’s Top Ten Innovation Report, featuring the most inspiring and popular business ideas from the Springwise Access database over the last four weeks:

In the Top Ten Innovation Report, we present a digestible run down of the best innovations from the last four weeks. Published monthly these reports are a quick and pain free way to stay up to date on the latest innovations, and are included as a part of a Springwise Access account.

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1 Convertible desk for office power naps

The convertible desk transforms into a full size bed, enabling employees to take power naps in the office to boost their productivity.

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2 Short story vending machines encourage reading

French publishing company Short Edition prints out receipt-like short stories to encourage commuters to kill time by reading.

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3 Indoor shelving unit grows 21 vegetables at once

Edn is an educational wall hanging that grows multiple vegetables at once and teaches users about the process via a companion app.

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4 Mobile urban apartments let users move to new city via app

Kasita is creating movable, smart homes that can be easily inserted into desirable, urban neighborhoods.

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5 Smart fitting room mirror tells customers their bra size

The Hong Kong branch of Rigby and Peller is using a smart fitting room mirror to help customers work out their ideal bra size.

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6 Sponsored content gets past ad-blockers

Yavli provides publishers with advertising in the form of sponsored content that doesn’t get blocked by ad-blockers.

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7 Superhero-themed bionic hands for young amputees

Open Bionics have created a trio of superhero-themed bionic hands to help young amputees take pride in their difference.

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8 Minority Report system for drivers improves road safety

Researchers have developed a computer-assisted driving system that uses sensors to preempt and warn drivers of dangerous maneuvers.

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9 Adverts on luggage pay customer baggage fees

Orion lets travelers avoid handling fees by turning their baggage into billboards.

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10 Platform helps optimize emotion in web content

Toneapi is a platform that helps companies optimize the impact of their content by analyzing its emotion and tone.

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