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Top Ten Innovation Report for October


Here is this month’s Top Ten Innovation Report, featuring the most inspiring and popular business ideas from the Springwise Access database over the last four weeks:

1 Free umbrella sharing scheme via automated kiosks

UmbraCity is an umbrella sharing service that lets UBC students borrow and return umbrellas for free, anytime from automated kiosks.

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2 Algorithm predicts and prevents train delays two hours in advance

Stockholmstag will soon be using an algorithm that predicts network delays in advance, giving operators time to resolve them.

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3 Startup resolves customer service issues for free

Service will help users resolve complaints with any business free of charge.

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4 Top 10 business ideas from Fashion & Beauty over the last 12 months

We’ve picked out our top ten Fashion & Beauty articles from the last 12 months on Springwise, designed to provide you with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future.

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5 Eco-friendly sailboat is a co-working space at sea

Coboat enables inhabitants to live, sleep, work and network onboard the eco-friendly, wifi-enabled boat, all while sailing the seven seas.

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6 The latest 3D printing filament is made of waste coffee grounds

3Dom has produced a sustainable, biocomposite 3D printing material from the byproducts of coffee.

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7 Japanese bookstore only stocks one book a week

The new branch of Morioka Shoten bookstore in Tokyo only stocks one book at a time, each for a single week.

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8 Transylvanian music festival takes payment in blood

In an effort to address the blood shortage in Romania, Untold festival traded blood donations for free tickets to the event.

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9 Short-term loans for Kenyan entrepreneurs through mobile banking

Greenshoe has developed an app for integrating short-term loans into a rapidly expanding mobile banking culture.

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10 Sonar device keeps cars at a safe distance from cyclists

C3FT is a sonar device that is attached to a police biker’s handlebars, to provide proof of drivers infringing on the three-foot zone.

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