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Top Ten Innovation Report for May

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Here is this month’s Top Ten Innovation Report, featuring the most inspiring and popular business ideas from the Springwise Access database over the last four weeks.

In the Top Ten Innovation Report, we present a digestible run down of the best innovations from the last four weeks. Published monthly these reports are a quick and pain free way to stay up to date on the latest innovations, and are included as a part of a Springwise Access account.

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1 Delivery drone network charged by home solar panels

Mobisol’s Solar Air Distribution network will add drone recharging stations to the roofs of homes in rural Africa, creating a delivery infrastructure for its customers.

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2 In Japan, an artificial intelligence has been appointed creative director

AI-CD β is a robot that is being treated as an actual employee in an ad agency.

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3 In Brazil, coffee wrapped in daily newspaper shows off its freshness

Café Pelé teamed up with a daily newspaper to show how quickly its fresh products arrive in supermarkets.

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4 Graphene makes rainy day solar power possible

Scientists at the Ocean University of China, have developed graphene-coated solar cells that will produce electricity from rain.

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5 Inner-ear stimulation cures VR motion sickness

vMocion’s V3 platform uses electrodes placed across the skull that mimic the motion seen by VR users in real-time, so they can ‘feel’ movement.

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6 Thermal billboard can detect a fever

The Theraflu Thermoscanner takes a selfie of passers-by, so they can determine whether or not they have a fever.

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7 Top 10 Health and Wellbeing startups in the last 12 months

We have put together the top Health & Wellbeing innovations from the past year, designed to give you plenty of fresh inspiration for the future.

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8 Free co-working space in exchange for online content

Berlin’s Blogfabrik is a co-working space and publication where freelancers can work rent-free in exchange for monthly content contributions.

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9 Navigation app red-zones high crime areas

RedZone is a navigation app that will help anyone stay safe in a new city by providing location-based crime data in real time.

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10 Smart shopping bag could eliminate queuing

Twyst and QueueHop are using smart shopping bags and QR codes to enable shoppers to scan and pay for their items as they shop, without going through a checkout.

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