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Tourist suggestions crowdsourced from social media trends in real time

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Suggestme recommends destinations based on how popular they are on social media at the time and enables users to compile their own custom guide.

Netherlands-based has already provided a way for tourists to book last minute holidays based on the current weather. Now another Dutch platform – Suggestme – is doing the same for travelers looking for destinations that are popular on social media at the time and enables users to compile their own custom guide. Most tourist guides – even digital ones offering personalized suggestions based on user profiles – are static, in that the recommendations are based on historic customer reviews or one-time opinions from tastemakers. In reality, however, a restaurant might be the place to be one week and out of favor the next. Suggestme keeps on top of changing opinions by parsing information from millions of social media mentions across multiple platforms to determine the best places to highlight at the moment its customers are browsing the site. Currently covering Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Barcelona, visitors can also search venues based on keywords such as ‘romantic’ and ‘live music’ to find the places they’re in the mood for. Users can save the locations they’ve discovered and compile them into their own customized guide, ready to share with friends. Suggestme harnesses the dynamism of the web to provide travelers with a constantly-changing guide to new cities in real time. Could this model be applied to your industry?



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