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A cat’s eye view tour of Hiroshima town

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Hiroshima tourism board creates Cat Street View, which lets users traverse through unusual parts of Onomichi from a feline perspective.

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Tourism in the port town of Onomichi must have seen better days, because in an effort to improve things, the Hiroshima prefecture is taking inspiration from the Internet’s favorite animal. Echoing Google Street View’s 360 degree cameras, the board has introduced Cat Street View.

The navigation website invites users to follow several unusual routes around the city through the eyes of a feline avatar. Users encounter some of Onomichi’s famous cats along the way, seeing cute pictures and hearing backstories. Some routes even traverse through back alleys and rooftops, going only where curious cats dare to venture, giving viewers a chance to see their private territories. Travels are accompanied by ambient sounds of traffic, marketplaces and, of course, an occasional plaintive meow.



A fun approach to exploring a city, or kitty overkill? Either way, Cat Street View is the first cat’s eye tour on offer for Maru-obsessed tourists. What other types of unusual perspectives can other cities use?



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