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Toy store stocks only cardboard boxes

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Mr Imagine's Toy Store in Chicago is hoping to tap into the creativity of kids, offering only cardboard boxes to play with.

Imagination is one of the most important faculties a child can develop – it’s one of the stepping stones to innovation, after all. We’ve already seen Box Play for Kids encourage children to transform empty packaging into playtime treasures, and now Mr Imagine’s Toy Store is using the idea to tap into the creativity of kids, offering only cardboard boxes to play with. The space has been set up as part of the Chicago Children’s Museum’s Unboxed: Adventures in Cardboard exhibition, which aims to celebrate the possibilities of the humble box. Those stepping foot into the store will not be greeted with a selection of the latest gadgets – rather, kids can play with a variety of boxes. The concept behind the shop is to get kids to take an active part in their own entertainment, using their ideas to bring characters, landscapes and fun situations to life. Selected creations will be displayed in a special exhibition space to demonstrate the power of the imagination. Mr Imagine’s Toy Store encourages children to put in some effort to get a greater return on their playtime, as well as recognizing their work by placing it on display. How else can children be moved away from easy pleasures in order to benefit from challenging themselves?



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